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Goldland Properties

"Goldland Properties was founded in August 1987 and has since built, not just homes, but dreams as well.

Francisco C. Basa founded Goldland Group of Companies way before the real estate business became a profitable industry. He ventured into the business simply because he was passionate about building good quality homes fit for different lifestyles. His top priority was to provide the community with affordable housing without forgoing style and convenience. As a result, this addressed both the wants and needs of the community.

Using his heart and mind to find inspiration, his company built a 43-unit townhouse called Goldland Villa. With the success of this first project, Basa was motivated to build more properties that would cater to the community. The real estate industry eventually gained popularity in the late 1980s, pushing Goldland Properties to the top with its Goldland Tower and Goldland Plaza as its pride and joy.

Goldland Properties started to make a name for itself in the real estate industry by constantly providing the community with superior quality homes. By then, it was easy for the company to penetrate the market even amongst its large competitors.

Basa's passion has thrived throughout the years and has remained to be Goldland's inspiration. The company has continuously abided by its ideals in providing top quality and comfortable homes to the community. It has not failed to offer not just a good living space but also a good investment amidst an ever-changing economy. Goldland has gone beyond providing mere properties. It offers you homes perfect for the family and your future. "