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Axeia Development Corporation

AXEIA opened its doors to the public on December 8, 2011. Before that, they were known as the Asiatic Group of Companies. AXEIA decided to reinvent their vision by changing their name into one that exudes modernism and innovation. Regardless of their title, however, the quality of their work does not cease to impress. Their core message is “Welcome AXEIA. Welcome True Values. Welcome Success.”
What AXEIA has done is something that few developers can claim. They are one of the only full-service real estate developers that contribute to society’s growth through the homes that they build for the Filipino family. Since they began, AXEIA has provided housing units to over 18,000 families within the working class sector.

Because of AXEIA’s commitment to the community, these families were able to buy their own homes that are built with excellence and comfort in mind. Apart from developing homes for people from all walks of life, AXEIA is also commended for their investment in the full customer experience. Not only do they sell homes, they also make sure that you are getting what you need with all the help they can provide.
For over 33 years, AXEIA has established themselves as a leading provider of real estate needs. Their mandate is to provide quality homes to whoever needs it. Their goal is to always offer value for money and a great customer experience to go with it.

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