Exclusive (Dedicated) Assistance For OFWs

Working as an Overseas Filipino Workers are never easy, and yet, there are still quite many Filipinos out there who continue to work abroad for various reasons. One of these reasons includes providing a better life for their families.

And what better way to do it than giving your family the home of their dreams. Yes, the smartest move, as OFWs, is to invest your money in properties. Many OFWs are starting to consider investing in real estate property, not only for their families, but also for themselves.

Why property investment best for OFWs? Financing a property is ideal, especially here in the Philippines because it increase in value over time. There is a guarantee that the money’s worth of hard work will eventually pay off.

Personalized Assistance

When you are investing a property, you need people who will assist you through every transaction. It is why you need to choose wisely. You need the right individuals who can be trusted and can truly provide you the proper assistance when it comes to real estate investment.
Remember that every investment is unique. Contracts are written to meet your specific needs, and not for others. The terms and agreement should be in line with what you like and what suits you best.

Eclusive Deals

There are suitable deals that OFWs can avail. The most affordable are availing a pre-selling price unit. A pre-selling unit means that the condominium unit is not yet done and the construction is still ongoing. Buying pre-selling units is a practical move as it is 30-50% cheaper compared to the ready-for-occupancy units.

Pre-selling units are also the best deal especially if OFWs are still out of the country. They may have the place rented out first, if the project is finished, to generate some income while they are away.

Also, some developers have an option wherein you can pay the 5% total contract price and have the 15% paid within the given months while using the unit already. The remaining 80% will be available for bank financing.

Short Term and Long Term Management

Depending on the type of property purchased, your real estate broker can help you evaluate if your property is suitable for short-term or long-term rental management.

Some places are perfect for the short-term, while there are also places that are best to own for long-term rental management, especially if you are currently working abroad, and would love to have your place rented out while you are away.

Easy Evaluation and Short Listing

As mentioned, it is best to short list your properties and have it evaluated before agreeing to any terms. Remember your goals on why you want to buy a particular property.
If it is for convenience, make sure it does serve its purpose. If it is because the property houses amenities you love to have in the comfort of your home, make sure you can avail all the facilities and that there are no specific limitations.

Home Loan Assistance

OFWs will have the same policies that are also applicable to other Filipino people living in the country. Sometimes, they have other better options that are ideally suited for their situation. Whether it might be bank financing loans or other government housing loans like PAG-IBIG, it is best to always to evaluate what housing loan is useful for you.
Some real estate company will be the one to give you options to choose with regards to finding the best housing loan assistance.

Expert Advice

There are different questions OFWs need to ask themselves first before investing in a property. First, they need to know what type of property they are looking for and for what purpose. Sometimes, some people want to buy a house for them to live in, while others would like to purchase and rent out or sell the property for a higher price. You need to check your goals and you need to evaluate the things you want before taking any steps.

Second, you need to check your budget. Or perhaps, check the payment scheme you are most comfortable with. Here in the Philippines, there are various payment plans for buying a property.

Third, find a real estate broker that will help you get through the process smoothly. The last thing you want is to get in trouble with your property manager because they didn’t meet your expectations. You worked hard to save for this opportunity, so you have to plan for it wisely.

All Developers Properties all at one Place

There are many real estate firms available in the country because of our growing economy. That is why it is easy to get one, but hard to find the right one for you.

Housal has all the best property listings available from trusted developers. Whether you are investing in a home or a business property, you must make sure that it delivers the quality that suits your preference.

Investing property with your hard-earned money is never an easy thing and requires high assessment and preparations. So, before signing up with an agreement, it is best to double-check the terms, your right as a property investor, the payments scheme, and other taxes and fees as well as the service package that will be given to you by your real estate agent. If you are planning to purchase property soon, it is best to start looking right now for the best brokerage firm.